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Desert Camp

The fashion of accommodation today is notably moving back towards authentic form and simple categories. Nomadic accommodation style has started to gain interest and impression for its unique form as well as and the environment where the nomadic camp is set up.

Zagora Desert Camp is established to create a new mix of desert splendor and nomadic civilization that is attributed to the tent. Therefore Zagora camp perfectly meet the two dimensions to open up a mesmerizing night experience amid sands, stars and mountains.

In Zagora desert, south eastern Morocco, your desert camp is situated. It is a Berber trademark which we developed into a set of tents serving as traditional and comfortable accommodation for its guests. The bivouac offers a splendid atmosphere of desert night life for peace seekers, desert lovers and stars followers!

The Camp occupies an area of about 500 m² amid sand dunes. Tents are set up in the traditional Berber shape; enabling guests explore what the local Berbers make for shelter. There are currently 12 tents for accommodation, in addition to a restaurant tent, and bathrooms. All tents make a circle around the bivouac yard, which is often exploited for different usages. Each of the tents is illuminated by electric lamps in and outside the tents.

For large groups of guests, we are able to add more tents until each person feels comfortable in his/her tent.