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Getting to Zagora

How to get to Zagora from Ouarzazate and Marrakech

  • By private car

Guests who choose to travel by a private or family car can make their way to Zagora easier when followed the instructions:

  • If you are coming from Marrakech, you shoud take on to Ouarzazate through Tishka pass, then follow the road signs that directs to Zagora. You will drive along 160 kms from Ouarzazate till you arrive in Zagora. You will come across dry and rocky mountains and along Draa valley.
  • If you are coming from Fes, you need to drive along to Azrou, then south to Errachidia. After that you can choose to reach Zagora at the cross point of Alnif, or Ouarzazate. Both ways lead to Zagora. Signs to Zagora will start to appear once you’re on Alnif and Ouarzazate.
  • By organized tour

This option is available for travelers who choose to avoid the Moroccan road system! Our camp is affiliated with a tour agency that could organize your tour to Zagora. You won’t need to lose time searching for the sights to stop at or places to eat and rest, the tour agency cares about all these measures. If interested, please contact us indicating your wish to get to Zagora through organized tour.

  • By plane

Even though Zagora airport is not connected to international destinations, it still minimizes your time and effort when flying from a major Moroccan airport. Currently, the airport serves 2 economy flights a week from and Casablanca’s Mohamed V International Airport. Duration of each flight is less than one hour and a half. If you are interested in this choice, you can consult the Moroccan airlines “Royal Air Maroc” through

How to get to the camp

  • On camels

This is by far the most recommended and pleasurable way of getting to the camp. When booking a tour with accommodation to our camp in Zagora, you will be arranged a camel trek that will get you indulged into ancient traveling styles. Upon arrival by car to Zagora, you will have a little rest before mounting the camels (one camel for each), then the camel guide will lead the caravan for a 1 hour incredible journey. The camels will get you back on the same road after breakfast, the day after.

  • By taxi

Petit Taxi: If the camel ride is not your type, you can pick a taxi in the center of Zagora, by hitch-hiking a passing cab. You ask the driver for the address of the camp, and he will get you close to the camp. Taxis are not able to drive on off-roads, so one of our dedicated staff will get you from a closer point by 4×4. Kindly contact us by phone for a meeting point, thus avoiding loss.

Grand Taxi: grand taxis are available for long trips between towns and urban areas. We advise taking a grand taxi if you are traveling from Ouarzazate, Agdz or Tazarine. But this category of transportation is station based, meaning that the driver might not get you to the destination you want within Zagora. Therefore, contact us in advance to see you in the Grand Taxi station, to transfer you to the camp on our dedicated 4×4.

  • By 4×4

If your personal car is a 4×4 type, you can get easily to the camp when following GPS instructions, otherwise, follow these steps:

  • If you are coming from Ouarzazate, you need to leave the town of Zagora. Sings to Mhamid, Tamegroute and Tagounite will appear by the road, you should cross the bridge of Draa then turn left when encountering a crosspoint in the foot of the mountain that overlooks the town of Zagora. In about 5 Kms, keep an eye on the sign of our camp, and follow the road that leads to it. You can contact us by phone if you need a guide.
  • We can get you with our 4×4 with a minimum fee, if you arrive to Zagora by bus, Grand Taxi or plane. Yet, you need to send us an email indicating your arrival date, exact time and place.