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Restaurant tent

Meals and served food

Because dinner and breakfast are included into your stay, a spacious tent is required for serving meals. The tent can accommodate up to 20 people for each meal (breakfast or diner).

What we serve for diner?

We usually serve Tagine (vegitables and meat) as the main course, besides Moroccan salads, desserts and fresh fruits.

What we serve for breakfast?

A buffet is often offered for large groups of guests who choose from a variety of sweets, loafs and desserts. Tea and milk, and often coffee are served as hot drinks, in addition to soft drinks as orange juice.

  • In some occasions, we serve a roasted goat or sheep, spiced with special ingredients. This option is made upon request.
  • Vegetarians are offered a special menu. Please let us know in advance to make an appropriate meal for you.