Tamegroute is a little village located about 20 kms Southern Zagora, by the road to Mhamid. The village preserves an essential aspect of the local’s spiritual and artistic heritage. pottery factories To start with, Tamegroute is home to the pottery manufactories. Several workshops line-up the town’s Souk, with different designs and innovative ideas regarding pottery made things. Merchants and art crafts men produce and paint in green unique tools that are used for the people’s everyday life. You can find things like plates, pots, bowls as well as pieces of things for decoration. Zaouia Naciria Going a little back to history, Tamegroute’s Zaouia Naciria played both spiritual and educational roles due to the belief that the saint used to lead the region’s religious affairs in the 17th century. This historical site is up to date attracting patients of various diseases to get cure by the blessing of the shrine. Besides, students tend to visit the Zaouia’s library to check its medieval books and manuscripts that serve archeological or anthropological researches.